Socrative as an Assessment Tool Part 2

We used Socrative during library special for the first time this past week. Using any new tool is a challenge. I wonder if the students will be engaged? Will they understand how to use it after directions are explained? Can our technology and servers handle the tool? Is this the best type of tech tool for this activity?

Socrative was used as part of a unit collaboration. Students will research and learn about Ancient India in the classroom, then make a website with key points. We will use Weebly for our website builder. But first, students needed to learn about web design.

I made a Prezi to go over best tips, storyboards and aesthetics of design. To make sure students understood the lesson from the Prezi, I made a Socrative assessment. A simple assessment of short answer and multiple choice. Students could answer at their own pace. When students completed the questions, Socrative pulled the data into a report. Immediately, I could see what questions students got right and what ones were wrong. This immediate data let me quickly reteach concepts that we’re not understood.

Here are the answers to my questions about Socrative from my last post:

–What browsers are most or least effective with Socrative? We tried two browsers. Internet Explorer was the worst and Google Chrome was the best.

–Will students understand the concept and how to use it (it has been user-friendly on the teacher side, but the student side is another ballgame)? Students easily logged on with simple directions. The site was user-friendly and flowed nicely from logging on to accessing the assessment.

–Will our network handle this technology? Yes and no. Using Internet Explorer, sites did not load. Using Google Chrome, everything was effective and efficient.


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