Socrative as an Assessment Tool For Library Special

I first heard of Socrative at a conference in November. Socrative is a smart, student-response system that allows students to answer questions using computers, tablets or mobile devices. After the students complete the questions, the teacher pulls reports to look at data. Our speaker had us use this for some open-ended and fun questions to demonstrate the tool. I was hooked, and I am going to use this tool as an assessment piece this week during library special.

With the new Common Core and evaluation system for our district, assessment is always around the corner. It has been a challenge to discover how to assess students for lessons in technology, information-literacy and digital skills. I only see my students 40 minutes per week, and 10 minutes of that time is book exchange. We need to fit in compartments of a lesson plus assessments to ensure key concepts are understood.

Instead of a paper test, I’m hoping this method will engage my students. They love to use computers, and it’s like a game. I can pull the live results on my Whiteboard, and students can chart progress and what questions have been answered. Plus, Socrative seems like an efficient, effective tool that will not require more time out of the schedule to use for assessments. It looks like it could even save time-I hope. 

So far, Socrative has been intuitive and admin-friendly on the teacher side to create assessments. It looks that way on the student side with test runs. No usernames or passwords, except a room code are required. The sign-on is simple on the student side.

There are a few more questions I have about this tool:

  • What browsers are most or least effective with Socrative?
  • Will students understand the concept and how to use it (it has been user-friendly on the teacher side, but the student side is another ballgame)?
  • Can our network handle this technology? Our network can be slow or responsive

More to follow next week after we have used this tool. Fingers-crossed!


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