Thing 3: Photo Sharing

For this post, I’ve decided to explore Pinterest as a possible tool to use in my library. Before, I’ve only used Pinterest as a personal social network, not as a professional network. But why can’t it be both?

After thinking and searching with the search word “library” on Pinterest, so many great pins popped up. Ideas for book recommendations, bulletin-board displays and ways to use the physical space in the library more effectively. I’m always looking for fresh ideas, and Pinterest can now provide me with a new forum to gather ideas.

I started thinking if I wanted to create a Pinterest account for my school’s community. I’m thinking of starting small with student projects and new books that come into the library. The community is slowly becoming accustomed to a new library website and online scheduling. This could be an idea to incorporate for summer reading programs, as well.

With around 600 students, I’m always in search for ways to connect and become better acquainted with them. During the start of the school year, why not have older grades create a Pinterest board of things that interest them or books they like to read? Or interview a partner and pin his or her interests?


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