Living Single

My most recent read was Living Single by Holly Chamberlin. I have not heard of this author before, but I did enjoy this book. Maybe I liked it because I felt I related to the main character, Erin. I felt this book helped me think about what I really want and have a deeper assurance the benefits of being single for the time being.

Not too long ago, I got out of a relationship and was devastated. I had reached my lowest I ever felt, just like Erin did in the book. Through Erin, I learned to hold onto family and friends. To take time for myself. To read books. To do what I want when I want. To appreciate and spend time with my close friends.

The book was well-written and fast-paced, though at times I thought the author’s main character was a bit whiny. She showed me what not to be in the future.

I’d recommend this book for girls who just got out of a relationship, or ones who are afraid of being single. Just because you are along, it doesn’t mean you have to be lonely.


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