The Irish Princess

I have another secret to admit…I am a huge Tudor history buff. I memorized the genealogy line by 8th grade, and I have read every historical fiction  book about the family I can get my hands on.

I found the Elizabeth I mystery series by Karen Harper in middle school. Since then, the author has stopped writing that series, but she has produced a number of good historical fictions, from Elizabeth Woodville to my current read, Lady Elizabeth Fitzgerald, or The Irish Princess.

I happened to see this book sitting on the shelves at the library, so I casually picked it up. I have enjoyed all the books by this author, and this one lived up to my expectations. Harper writes about Gera, or Lady Elizabeth Fitzgerald, the unnamed princess of Ireland. Descended from Irish and English royal blood lines, Gera soon becomes a pawn of international politics. She must manage to keep ahead of the game, and win back her family’s reputation and place in Ireland.

The author depicted the tyrant and more negative control of Henry VIII. For once, it was refreshing to read a historical fiction piece that did not portray this family in the best light. It showed uncertainties, struggles for power and a lot of be-headings.

This book was a good, quick read. It was by not means a classic piece of literature, but I appreciated the story of Gera and learning new history facts.



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