Filters & Online Safety

Is it possible that filters are being used to get around the issues of online safety? There can be many ways to answer and think about this heavy question. But, I’m inclined to believe that filters are indeed being used to get around the issues of online safety.

Instead of teaching students the difference between good and bad websites, filters are used. Students will not learn how to evaluate sites, or conduct proper searches. Research options are limited with denied access to thousands of websites because of filters. As students enter higher grade levels, they will most likely have to complete more projects and papers. With little access to online resources, it will be challenging to find sources and information.

Filters could also hinder teaching students about cyber-bullying and online predators. Filters could prevent these types of people and situations, but it is important for students to know this information Schools, teachers, librarians and administrators must ensure that students are aware of these situations, and understand how to handle them if they come across them.

I’m honestly not sure why some schools have filters blocking so many websites. Maybe people do not want to take the time to teach students these needed skills, or maybe they do believe censorship is the best policy. From personal experience, ignorance is not bliss. It is best to make sure students are aware of any and all possible situations that could affect them academically or personally.




2 thoughts on “Filters & Online Safety

  1. Allison – I am on board with your comments. If students are protected by filters in school what will they do in the real world when they on online with no filters – they need to be educated and know how to deal with what they may run into on the internet and social media sites.

  2. I have to agree with you Allison. It is so disappointing and frustrating to think that students are begin kept from so much great information just because no one wants to take the time to teach them the difference between good and bad content online. We don’t protect kids from the dangers of driving by never letting them touch a car and then boom: sending them out on the road post graduation with a set of keys. Why don’t we apply the same idea of guidance, supervised practice and modeling to the internet? The articles this week made such great cases for teaching over restricting I think I’ll be keeping them on file for future reference because, unfortunately, don’t think this will be the last I hear about internet filter battles….

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