Hello, privacy. Where did you go?

In a recent article I read, a potential job employee was asked by his interviewers to provide his Facebook user name and password. I had to re-read the article again to make sure I understood this was happening. Hiring managers usually Google your name, or will try to find you on social networks. But this request of user name and password breeches all forms of privacy to me.

I am wary of what I post on my social networks since anyone and everyone can see what is on there. Peoples’ sexual orientation, gender, religious and political views will be made public. Questions like these are not supposed to be asked during the interview process.

Currently, Maryland is working to pass a bill that will ban employers from asking for user names and passwords. If this bill does not go through, it makes me a bit worried. Does this mean then that anyone could ask you for your information? If you do not provide it, will you be flogged or fired?

Though this bill could be passed, it won’t stop potential employers from looking at your social networks. It’s important to maintain sites that are professional and personal. Twitter, my blog and LinkedIn are my professional sites, and Facebook is my personal site. Hopefully these decisions won’t bite me in the butt a few years down the road.


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