Mobiles & QR Codes in School Libraries

Most students have some kind of access to a mobile device or iPod. Students own these devices, or libraries will lend them out during the school day. Right now, there is debate among school districts as to whether or not to allow students to use mobile devices in the classroom. Some think mobiles enhance education, while others think mobiles are distractions that provide no educational value.

If used properly, mobile devices enable students to become engaged and motivated to learn. One of these uses is through QR codes. These bar codes are easy to create, and they allow students to incorporate technology into learning.

Here are some ways to incorporate QR codes into school libraries and the classroom:

  • Place QR codes in newsletters for parents and community that link to library’s website or blog
  • Hide answers to a study sheet behind a QR code. Students work in groups to check the correct answer
  • Create bookmarks with the QR code to a library event or website-these can be updated frequently
  • If there is a book display, place a QR code next to each book. The QR code will host a book review, or information about the author
  • Place a QR code on a piece of paper to put in  book that was book talked. This will provide links to book trailers or author interviews



One thought on “Mobiles & QR Codes in School Libraries

  1. I love your ideas for using QR codes in the library. It is so easy to create them and use them. They add interest and motivation for students because it is a fun way to incorporate technology that is already part of daily life.
    I must say I never thought it would be so easy to create a QR code but now that I do know I plan on using them in my classrooms and libraries!

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