Wikis & Google Docs

Wikis and Google Docs are two of my favorite content collaboration tools. Both provide an online space to easily upload and edit content. But what are the differences and strengths for each tool?

Google Docs

  • Most logical choice for synchronous collaboration for one document
  • Users can view other people’s edits instantly if they are simultaneously on the document
  • History of revision is kept for who made edits and when
  • There is a chat room for document users
  • Import and export to PDF or pptx documents
  • Can use a document, spreadsheet or presentation tool
  • Can make public or private
  • Can serve as a template/workspace for a group project or presentation


  • Best for asynchronous collaboration
  • Allows different permissions for users-especially useful for teachers and librarians to monitor student content
  • Keeps a history of revisions, along with who edited what and when
  • Can easily add images, embed links or upload videos and files
  • Multiple design features to choose from
  • Can download HTML backup file
  • Discussion forum for wikis
  • Can serve as a knowledge-base for a research project and literature circles or internal information for educators and administrators

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