Build Your Wild Self

Build Your Wild Self is a website from the New York Zoos and the Wildlife Conservation Society. It allows kids to build themselves with dozens of animal parts, and helps them learn about animals. My fieldwork librarian introduced me to this site.

Students can customize their look, clothing, background and name to look anyway they want. They can choose wacky hair, silly noses wings or arms and tropical or water backgrounds.

I was thinking how this site could be incorporated into a library lesson, and here’s what I came up with:

  • Read a book “Where the Wild Things Are,” and let students imagine and create themselves as a character for the book
  • Have students create their “Wild Self,” and write a short story about the character for ELA
  • Helps students learn about different animals and animal body parts (each part has a description)
  • Have each student design and print “Wild Self.” Then, put all these into a collage for an art project

Try this out-it is fun mixing and matching your “Wild Self!”


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