For the Love of Children’s Literature

During my fieldwork this semester, I have rediscovered my love for children’s literature. When I was younger, my parents and older sisters were constantly reading to me. A story before bedtime was part of my bedtime ritual. These stories and picture books were magic.

Now, the older sisters who read to me are reading to their children. My niece is turning three this April, and already she has a nice collection of books. She will come up to me and ask, “Can we read this book?” She will sit for hours in her bedroom turning the pages and looking at the pictures. Already, some of her favorites are my favorites when I was small. She loves Corduroy and Angelina Ballerina.

A few weeks ago, one of my sisters told my family she and her husband are pregnant. I’m so excited to start buying and reading books for the new baby. I appreciate my parents and older sisters for instilling a love of reading into myself. It’s honestly one of the greatest gifts they could have given me.


4 thoughts on “For the Love of Children’s Literature

  1. Allison~

    Installing a love a reading really is an amazing gift to give a child. I’m always “that aunt” that gives books for birthday presents but I put up with the teasing and am okay with the book quickly being forgotten when the next shiny, light up toy is opened because I know that the child will quickly outgrow that shiny, light up kids toy, but their love of reading could last a lifetime.
    (And if you haven’t checked them out, Melanie Watt’s Scaredy Squirrel and Chester books are a hoot).

  2. How would you use this love in your practice, do you think? Does it seem to contrived to just talk about books with students? When we discuss how we demonstrate that we value reading, that seems like the most genuine way, but it might get tired. Maybe the secret will be maintaining sincerety, and expanding the mediums in which you chat about reading. I loved the buzz books blog.

  3. I keep thinking about that video lecture from class. If you like a book-talk about it via blog, Twitter, Facebook, Shelfari review, word-of-mouth! Anything to get ideas and questions going.

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