Advocates of Reading

How is it possible to show librarians are advocates of reading, and how do you show students this enthusiasm for it? By simple showing and talking about books and reading.

There are a number of simple projects and ideas librarians can incorporate into school media. The best thing to do is to create an environment that highlights reading and books in the school media center.  Get the books off the dusty shelves and place them all over the library. Monthly book displays show students what books are available to check out. Create theme each month, and select books around those themes. I created a book display for the library I’m completing my field work for the month of February: Take a Read on the Wild Side. I selected more than 50 fiction and non-fiction books to display on the bulletin boards and shelves. Students had to complete an animal research project for a science class, and the display books began to circulate and the fiction ones were checked out. It was encouraging to see students excited about the animal-book theme.

Here are some other ideas to show enthusiasm for books and reading:

  • Create a blog that reviews books and highlights or shows new books in the collection
  • Write on a white board what book the librarian is currently reading
  • Use Shelfari to create book lists for students to learn about new books and write reviews
  • Provide more creativity to book talks-show book trailers, or read a blurb from the book (or have students give some book talks)
  • Provide students with a list of “hot” titles each month
  • If your school has access to Kindles or iPads, let students read e-books

5 thoughts on “Advocates of Reading

  1. Enthusiasm is SO contagious. And when you incorporate technology, you can hook kids in ways that really make them 21st century learners. I teach English as a Second Language and I even bring in books I’m reading in Spanish (my second language) to show ALL my students how much I love reading and learning!

      • I use a SMART board, net books (the only set in my school), a newly acquired Shoot N’ Share, and an audio recorder. I have been trying to use it more with reading by incorporating sites like tumblebooks, biguniverse, and kidsnationalgeographic. Do you have any suggestions?

    • That is a great idea/concept! I know when I was working on a 2nd language (Spanish) I spent a lot of time reading books in both languages in order to develop the “feel”. For instance, I went through all of Pablo Neruda’s poetry books and loved them!

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