Claddagh Ring 101

You see Claddagh rings everywhere. Or at least on people who  of Irish descent. I have had my Claddagh ring since I was in elementary school, but I never knew the history behind the ring. How you wear the ring can tell a story about your love life.

The design for the ring was created in a small Irish village called Claddagh in the 1600s. The design of the ring includes two hands holding a crowned heart. These features symbolize friendship (hands), love (heart) and loyalty (crown). Claddagh rings are commonly worn to symbolize friendship, Irish pride or a relationship status.

If the ring is worn on the right-hand ring finger, with the heart pointing toward the fingertip, the individual is single and not romantically involved with anyone. If the ring is worn on the same finger, but the heart points away from the fingertip, the person is romantically attached or involved with another. When the ring is on the left-hand ring finger, the individual is engaged or married.


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