Where to use an RSS Feed?

I have not really thought of incorporating RRS feeds into school media centers until now. Before I mainly used them for personal and professional development. I would subscribe to Twitter handles I followed, as well as news websites and other blogs.

In an educational setting, wikis and student blogs could be a beneficial place to add RSS feeds. Some wikis have RSS feeds to alert members when content has been added or edited to the wiki. Instead of constantly looking for updates, the RSS feed can now do that for students and teachers. Blogs are another place to use RSS feeds. Students in an English class may each haveindividual blogs, and they could be required to post and comment about the book they are reading. An RSS feed is a way to inform students about new posts as they become available.

Right now, I think RSS feeds are more widely used on a personal or professional level, rather than in schools or libraries. But I think that once the current generation of school-media students graduate, there will be an increase in the schools and students who use RSS feeds; the teacher-librarians will bring that technology to school-media centers.


7 thoughts on “Where to use an RSS Feed?

  1. I currently use RSS feeds for boring things like job announcements to my Google Reader account. This morning I was thinking that RSS could be so much more dynamic than I have been using it – as can Google Alerts.

    Think about semester long research topics. You could set up RSS feeds to your class web site from Google search queries (news: icesheet melt) or from websites dedicated to your topic to your class reader. Ever time a new item pushes in (depending on frequency) the class could discuss how the new information changes or reinforces their perspective on the topic.

  2. I agree that once the new generation of teacher librarians who have basically lived their entire lives with technology, and have been trained with these technology tools we will see a much greater use of them in the schools and libraries.

  3. I liked how you linked the idea for an English class with an RSS feed. That certainly would be an easy way to stay updated with a class blog assignment too. I agree with you that RSS feeds seem to be used more on a personal and professional basis rather than in a classroom, but was glad to read some of ideas for how to incorporate them anyway.

  4. Could you see high school students using an RSS feed to keep updated on a specific topic they were researching for a major term paper? They choose certain blogs based on articles, research the author and if he/she has a blog, follow it. Combined with Google Alerts.it could be very powerful….especially in science. What do you think?

    • I could see high-school students more than middle-school students using this type of technology. I noticed many blogs are specific in what the authors write-these expert blogs would be a good thing for students to follow on RSS feeds. This way, students have an organized way to access the new information they want.

  5. As a librarian in a college setting I see professors and graduate students using RSS feeds to keep track of research, grants and new literature in their field. I think eventually RSS feeds will be more common at the K-12 level. Allison is right in that the teacher-librarians need to bring this tool into school media centers. Behind the scenes RSS feeds in school media centers can be used in many ways – getting RSS feeds from publishers on new literature, RSS feeds on new databases, etc. and for the students this can be a great way to keep track of the popular news they like to read online along with scholarly information. If we show the students that RSS feeds can be used for personal and school uses they may get hooked and be more likely to use RSS and keep up to date on it.

  6. Do you think RSS feeds are here to stay? I think they ways in which we might use RSS feeds in an educational setting are endless. I foresee a future where students will be bringing computers, ipads, etc… to schools where there will be wireless capabilities. Rather than hard copy planners the students will log into their school accounts where they will have daily and monthly planners. Their digital planners will have RSS feeds that detail current school activities, assignments and information that follows their current topics of study. What do you think?

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