Social Media in Libraries 101

Is it possible to learn a lot in one week about social media in libraries? Yes, it is. Today ended the week-long class I took at the iSchool at Syracuse University. I had no idea what to expect this week, but here’s a quick lesson of what I learned.

1. Know who your audience is, and understand what social networks will work for their demographics. Some libraries will use both Facebook and Twitter, or one or the other.

2. Create an authentic user name that will transcend to all platforms. If there is one name for multiple networks, it will be easier to form connections with others.

3. Personalize your social media. Have fun with the design of your page. Create an interesting biography. Link to all your sites.

4. You have to do more than read Tweets or posts on Facebook. You need to participate to the conversation. Post good links to websites or comment on what people post. If you don’t interact with other people, it will be difficult to form connections.

5. It’s simple to create an account with a profile picture and email address. It’s harder to maintain and grow your account. Hundreds of friends and followers will not happen overnight. Make goals to post a certain number of times each week, and make sure you stick to this schedule. Soon, you will develop a friend-follower base if interactions continue. Networking is a two-way communication. Be aware of what you are posting, and who you are posting to.

6. Social media is informative, but slightly informal. Write like you would talk to a friend.

7. Social media can be used in libraries to highlight collections, post news and events and reference portals, plus so much more.



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