Librarian Stereotype #4: All librarians own cats

I’ve finally succumbed to this stereotype. I adopted a cat from the SPCA yesterday, and he is adorable. He is a gray-and-white Maine Coon mix, and is cuddly, calm and a lap cat. He came with the name Walter, but that’s changing to Louie, Milo or Simon.

People always ask if I have a cat when they discover I’m a library student. They think we have no social lives, and want to hang out with our cats all day. Some of my fellow library students have cats, but it’s less than half. Some have dogs. Others have guinea pigs.

I have heard of librarians being “crazy, cat people,” with 10 or more cats, but I’d like to think I’m safe with only one to take care of. For now. Muhhahahahahhaha.


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