Librarian Stereotype #3: “SSSHHHH,” no talking allowed in the library

Librarians are mean, old bats always telling you to be quiet in the library. They raise a finger to their lips, and say “SSSSSHHHHHHHH.” Not true. Well mostly not true.

All my library friends and professors are talkers. Silly, outgoing, loud, funny talkers. There is rarely silence at the reference desk at LeMoyne since patrons ask questions or I talk to someone behind the desk.

Libraries are becoming social, gathering spots for people to socialize and collaborate. The first floor of a typical academic library at a college is meant for socialization and NOISE. Upper-levels are meant for quiet and study areas, where talking is not allowed.

I have only been shushed by one person in a library, and it was a student. Some library peeps and I were working on a project in the talking section of the library. As one student left, she told us we were too loud and noisy. Apparently, this disturbed her. Little did she know she was “SHHHHHHHINGNNNGG” future librarians. Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?


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