Internship Post #4

Weeding Oversized Book Collections

This past Friday morning, I helped weed out science books from the oversized book collection. Books that have not been circulated for more than 10 years are eliminated from LeMoyne’s collection. Dozens of books were weeded; this was more than I thought. Science research is continually changing, and updated resources and tools are needed for patrons. After placing pieces of paper into the oversized books, my supervisor allowed me to look at the collection and place markers in books that did not seem beneficial to the collection. Criteria for this project included relevance of the topic, and age of the book.

How do you know what books to weed out of a collection? Is it books that never or rarely circulate? Books which are outdated and old? Books that now have available electronic formats?

Social Media in Libraries

I completed my literature review of benefits, risks and challenges for establishing a social-media presence in libraries. I was surprised to discover libraries fully support social media, or not at all. A summary of findings includes:

Benefits: Free, easy to use, provide one-stop shop for information about library services and tools, innovative way to connect and communicate with students

Challenges: Deciding what staff member will be in charge of updating social media, how to market, staff support, deciding what to post

Risks: Privacy, security


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