Internship Post #3

Yesterday was my first day without training at LeMoyne. Projects and activities happened right when I walked into the door. And I was glad that was the case.

My first project encompasses researching literature about implementing social-media strategies in libraries. LeMoyne Library is on Twitter and Facebook, but my boss wants to enhance the library’s presence on campus. The library’s social networks are not frequently updated or used.  

Surprisingly, there are not helpful articles from journals and databases. I found information from an article in the American Libraries magazine, Facebook for Librarians, and information in a social-media marketing book I’m reading. There is still much to do, but I have a good start to my research and lit review.

I’m helping my supervisor develop LibGuide templates for fall science courses. I thought these guides were called pathfinders (that’s what I learned in my reference class), but this term is out-of-date and not used in libraries. They are called LibGuides or subject guides instead. I looked at a number of examples from universities and colleges at LibGuides, a website LeMoyne subscribes to for ideas and templates.

The most nerve-wracking part of the day was sitting at the reference desk for the afternoon. It was my first time by myself, and I’m happy to say I wasn’t too nervous. Most of the questions were directional, but one patron wanted to locate a book. As each week goes by, I expect to become more comfortable “manning” the reference desk.


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