Book Review: The Witch’s Trinity

The Witch’s Trinity by Erika Mailman turned out to be a good read. After picking this book up at Books & Memories on James Street, I immediately delved into it.

The setting is in the 16th century at a remote German village where hysteria, blame and accusations occur because of starvation and bitter winter nights. Due to a lack of food, townspeople are starving. They look to blame anyone for their problems.

Gude, an elderly woman, is the character lead of this novel. She suffers from memory loss and hallucinations, and these ingredients make her ideal individual to accuse as a witch.

The flow of this book is fast-paced, and the language is written simply. The author digs into Gude’s mind, allowing readers to catch a glimpse of fear and nerves she feels when she has her hallucinations and is in prison awaiting her trial.

I knew witch-burnings and trials were common hundreds of years ago, but I had no idea they were most popular in Germany. I was surprised to discover they happen today in Saudi Arabia and remote places in Africa and India. I would have thought people would be more rational in the 21st century, but I guess not.



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