Internship Post #1

In early May, I began my internship at LeMoyne Library. Compared to SU, the campus is small. It takes about two minutes to walk from the parking lot to the library. People say “hello” to you on the sidewalk, even if you do not know them. The library is a welcoming, two-story building, bustling with people coming and going, talking and socializing. It’s not a “shuuuushhh!” library.

I wasn’t sure what to expect my first two training days, but I’m pleased with everything so far. My supervisor is energetic, and she loves the profession. Because of training, I haven’t been able to dig into my projects yet. I’ve sat at the reference desk and explored databases and search tools. I’ve met and talked with other librarians and students.

One of the most valuable things I’ve liked so far is talking to people about the profession and where it’s going. The librarians at LeMoyne are knowledgable and eager to help me learn. From ebooks to learning commons, they have an opinion about everything.


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