Hello world!

I always here why it’s great to be a librarian, but why is it great to be a library student? After a year of studying the profession at SU, here are 10 reasons I came up with:

  1. Helps Me Become a Librarian-this is the most obvious reason since I’m learning skills and gaining experience that will help me succeed in the profession.
  2. Cool peers-my classmates come from different backgrounds. Some are into aerospace engineering, humanities, art history and the ever-popular English majors. They spit out out-of-the-blue facts and information that make my jaw drop.
  3. Social media-I was never into social networks, but now its become one of my main interests. It keeps me up-to-date with trends and news in the profession.
  4. Reference-I love answering questions, and I have learned not to use Google. Sure, Google is acceptable at times, but there are databases, books and websites that provide accurate and interesting information. If a friend or family member has a question, it’s fun to point them in the direction of a neat website or book.
  5. New Skills-Librarians need to know a little bit about everything, or at least know how to find the answer. I’ve learned the tricks and secrets to navigating websites and knowing what keywords or phrases to work for. I’ve learned about HTML and Prezi (an awesome presentation site).
  6. Book recommendations-My peers have provided countless titles and series I didn’t know about. From Ender’s Game to Anne Rice, my bookshelves are again too full.
  7. Conversation Starter-If I’m at the bar or waiting in line at the grocery store, people sometimes ask what I do. I mention I am a library student, and their responses and faces are priceless at times!
  8. Professors-I have met some awesome instructors at the iSchool. They have provided knowledge and advice on how to be a librarian.
  9. Internships-these have helped me figure out what type of librarian I want to be. I’ve cultivated interests in academic libraries and instructional design.
  10. Library Databases-in undergrad, I had no idea how to use my library’s databases. Conducting research and searching for articles helped me learn these great tools and resources.

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